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Marble and Granite
our craft — your legacy.

We like stone, and we work it by hand. What we do with it is our craft and will be your legacy. It will be here for the next full eclipse, and it will still be here when all the lumber and sheetrock have been reclaimed by the forces of nature.


The Aztecs, Incas, Egyptians and Romans didn't think so; they all worked in stone, and their cities remain.

Granite countertops are beautiful, but Shaping it, transporting it and installing it is tough. Working to tolerances of 1/64" with 2000 pound slabs of flawless stone requires precision and skill. Rockstar marble & Granite in Asheville can get it done

Work of this kind belongs in the thick-skinned hands of pros with strong backs and discriminating eyes.

We've been in this business for 15 years. When we embark on a new project, with us comes our experience and certifications with granite, marble, onyx, Icestone™, travertine, Caesarstone™ and Vetrazzo™.

At Rock Star Marble we take great pride in our work, and we are as ready to help you develop your design as we are to help you realize your vision.

We consider your legacy our responsibility. So like architects and stone masons, we practice our craft with the utmost care, because we know that our work will be here today and again tomorrow. In fact, it will out live us as it out lives narrow ties and shark-skin suits, no matter how many times they come back around...

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