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planning good rock.

There are three phases to each project. Making a realistic schedule is easier if you understand the stages of the process.

We begin with a meeting. When this takes place at our Biltmore-area studio, we can look at dozens of stone samples together, discuss materials and show you samples. If you do not yet have drawings it can be more productive to meet at the site, where your vision can be discussed and measurements can be taken. Within 2 business days of this meeting (or when all relevant design decisions have been made) we will provide you with a written estimate for all materials, work and time required to complete the project.

Turn-around time for custom work varies from days to weeks. These are the factors that effect the time that your project will require;
• materials which will have to be ordered
• the scale of the project(s)
• currently scheduled jobs
• your time constraints on the project.

Once the estimate has been signed and your deposit has been received, your job becomes 'live'. At this point, materials are ordered if required, templates are made and fabrication of the work begins.

Installation & Completion
The final phase of a project is installation. Once we have aligned our schedule (and that of any sub-contractors) we reach the most exciting part of the process; when you get to see the completed work in your very own home or business.

Most installations are completed in a single day. Larger, and more elaborate jobs may take more time. The remainder of your balance will be due at this time.

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